Angels are always involved

It seems like God would say:

If you sing or pray in tongues there is ALWAYS angelic involvement.
In tongues you interact with the angelic realm ALWAYS.
As you pray in tongues angels are MOVED (kind of a cross between instructed and inspired) into action on your behalf and on behalf of those you carry in your heart or are praying for.
Sometimes it’s as if an angel is singing or speaking the words into your ear or thought and you relay it out into the atmosphere.
Sometimes your words act as an instruction or command to angels.
Sometimes your words release something or someone by angelic power.
Sometimes you are part of a bigger song or symphony that others are joining in with to bring about a purpose in my kingdom. There may be hundreds of other people around the world, angels, creatures in the worldly and heavenly realm all singing together.
The angelic realm is VAST and VARIED (think of the variety in nature, or a zoo, or the universe) and there are many types of ‘angels’ very different from the typical kinds seen by humans or written about in the Bible. Also, ‘angels’ take on an infinite variety of form and purpose to suit the occasion.
Be very glad that my angels are working continually on your behalf and your tongues steps this up!

COMMENT: (Angels have been seen as huge beings, a huge man, a warrior on horseback, like a man or woman with wings, chariots, a child, a person-shaped light, an orb of light, a donkey and as a human – most often as a young man in local dress. Angels appear to people 104 times in the Bible and are mentioned 273 times, 32 times in the writings of Moses alone. The ‘living creatures’ seen by Ezekiel are part of the angelic realm.)