Come to the well of pure water (3:41)

2 women singing in tongues and speaking the interpretations:
There's no mistake you can make that God can't turn around for good
It's easy to come to God

  1. Come to the well of pure water (3:41)

    2 women singing in tongues and speaking the interpretations:
    There's no mistake you can make that God can't turn around for good
    It's easy to come to God

  2. One turning to God changes so much (02:11)

    Messages in tongues with interpretations:
    Turning your heart towards God changes everything in wonderful ways
    The Father's love for his people

  3. God is closer than you can imagine (3:49)

    3 voices in tongues with keyboard and spoken interpretations:
    God is close to those who call
    The Father loves you with a never-ending love

  4. Come up here - come up higher (12:57)

    Group of voices praising in tongues to keyboard; after 5 minutes this turns into sung interpretations:
    Come up and be where I am and Soaring like eagles
    Then 2 people explain what was going on for them in the first part whilst singing in tongues:
    Picture of rainbows and The entering in

  5. If you're expecting God to be a particular way...(7:04)

    3 voices in tongues to keyboard with interpretations:
    God's invitations
    God is always fresh, new and for you!

  6. Tortoise picture (0:22)

    The woman speaking in tongues saw a picture of a tortoise and that was a help in instantly knowing what was said:
    God's words and promises may seem like a long time coming to pass - but they surely will

  7. 90 year old lady with dementia sings in tongues with a friend (1:56)

    Tongues and singing in the Spirit is for LIFE. Through the Holy Spirit the gift of tongues brings deep peace to Maria in her old age as she sings her love for her Saviour.

  8. Woman speaking in tongues (0:19)

    The interpretation of this is: There's nothing as beautiful as knowing the presence of the Lord Most High.

  9. There's no end to God's love (0:50)

    A spoken message in tongues with the interpretation:
    There's no end to the love God has for you
    He is breathing his love on many even through the word in tongues

  10. Trust God as rest and light and know he is in charge (4:03)

    2 women singing in tongues and speaking the interpretations:
    Sunset picture of rest - God as rest
    God bringing his light into some dark situations
    God is fighting on your behalf and you can trust him

  11. I have chosen you before the world began (30:30)

    This session of 3 voices and keyboard contains some of the previous sections but is the longer continuous session recorded in an attitude of praise, worship and awe at God's magnificence.
    One section is a prayer for walking through a difficult time.
    Another section is about God encouraging us to come to Him as children.

  12. Lament in tongues (6:26)

    Example of the prayer of Lament in tongues, with some interpretations. Singer was praying for an area of the city with particular social problems.

  13. You are significant! And God keeps promises (12:01)

    Singing in tongues with spoken interpretations including:
    2 different people receive pictures concerning one section of the prayer: one picture of coloured ribbons flowing together meaning 'dance together and be united' and another person's picture - of an orchestra with 1 tiny triangle in the corner - but that triangle is important to the orchestra. Often pictures received mean the same thing or extend the message.
    In the next section there are 2 pictures meaning the same kind of thing via rainbows and a snow-covered cabin.
    There is some praise like spiritual warfare and some praise that is peaceful.

  14. Longer session of group tongues with sung interpretations (52:30)

    A group of people singing in the Spirit. This is like Isaiah's 'burst into song' (Is 54:1) rather than 'singing' a prepared song. They had no idea before they started how the Holy Spirit would inspire them with thoughts, feelings and melodies. Sometimes the tongues is expressing our feelings towards God and sometimes God's heart towards us.Some of the themes in this session:
    I AM your deliverer - rest in Me like Moses in the basket;
    The King is coming for His bride;
    We will run with You to the secret place to hide in Your presence;
    I'll ease your pain and your worries - we will be as one;
    Our well of thankfulness to You;
    Can you hear the sound the sound of My river? Drink deep and allow Me to flow through you, not a trickle but a raging torrent - for I have called you to life;
    You are all I want.