Great books! 

About tongues:

The Power of Praying in Tongues   by Glenn Arekion  (Evangelista Media, 2010)

The walk of the Spirit The walk of Power  by David Roberson (David Roberson Ministries 2012) – find the relevant chapter which is really good!

Speaking in Tongues Heaven’s Language   by Robert Engelhardt  (Bridge-Logos, 2012)

The Hidden Power of Speaking in Tongues   by Mahesh Chavda   (Destiny Image, 2003)

Tongues Beyond the Upper Room  compiled from the teachings of Kenneth E. Hagin  (Faith Library Publications, 2007)                                                

70 Reasons for Speaking in Tongues    by Dr Bill Hamon   (Parsons Publishing House, 2010)

The Beauty of Spiritual Language  By Jack Hayford  (Thomas Nelson, 1996)

Tongues – Scriptural Answers to Common Objections    by David M. Pizzimenti   (Albury Publishing, 1996)

True life stories:                                       

Voice in the Night  by Pastor Surprise Sithole   (Chosen Books, 2012)

Like a Mighty Wind   by Mel Tari with Cliff Dudley  (New Leaf Press, 2008)

Always Enough   by Rolland and Heidi Baker  (Chosen Books, 2002)

Birthing the Miraculous  by Heidi Baker  (Charisma House, 2014)

Chasing the Dragon   by Jackie Pullinger with Andrew Quicke  (Hodder & Stoughton, 1980)

Harvest Glory    by Ruth Ward Heflin  (McDougal Publishing, 1999)

Other inspiring books:

Your Power in the Holy Spirit    by JohnG.Lake, compiled by Roberts Liardon   (Whitaker House, 2010)

Silencing the Enemy with Praise   by Robert Gay   (Parsons Publishing House, 2010)

Do what Jesus did    By Robby Dawkins    (Chosen Books, 2013)

Glory   by Ruth Ward Heflin   (McDougal Publishing, 1990)

Straight to the Heart of 1&2 Corinthians    by Phil Moore  (Monarch Books, 2010)

The Psalms: Poetry on Fire (The Passion Translation) by Dr Brian Simmons   (5Fold Media, 2012)