God loves tongues.

He says:

My dear child – tongues are beautiful to me.
Just as a parent gets tears in their eyes when their little baby gurgles and babbles to them and looks into their eyes – so do I have this same sigh of love, glazed eyes and raised heartbeat when you look at me in trust when you sing or speak in tongues.
You communicate with me at a level so much deeper than ordinary words.
I love it when you sing to me (or dance to me).
How can I tell you the joy I get and the closeness I feel to you.
It is your God who speaks.
I want to give you things I can’t explain to you, knowledge and understanding you cannot comprehend with earthly mortal minds – knowledge of heavenly things such as angels know.
I want to give you abilities, skills and knowledge such as the angels have – how to do things, how to be, how to create atmospheres, move things and yourself through time and space, how to be in eternity, how to reach into people, animals, situations – natural / geological / astronomical situations.
A good way to this is by singing / speaking in tongues.

loves-bgI’m encouraging you to use tongues more! I’m saying MORE please!
Use tongues when there are words in your language you could use, use it when people will think you silly, use it more and more even if there seems no understanding or interpretation to you – that really doesn’t matter at all.
Sing your way into my kingdom – be pulled by my words and tunes – join with the angels and realms of heavenly beings! Their song / tongues, whether out loud or as a silent river (like sound waves or radio waves) can come and link with yours when you sing. This is how your song joins in with a larger song – so much larger you’d be totally amazed.
I can breathe wonderful creative power into your tongues – my word and my breath come together. Even a new Christian could utter something that would make all heaven stop and stand in wonder for a moment.

The point of it – the point of it all – is my love for you and my longing for a close relationship with you – so close that we are like one. This will bring you the greatest happiness, as well as me!