It’s a good way into the spiritual realm and a quick way to REFRESH

God says:

Tongues is a key into the kingdom of heaven – it unlocks entry. You’re asking if there are other keys – yes, many but they’re all about giving – giving unlocks – whether you give your voice, spirit, time, money, desires, praise and worship, heart and soul, bread, your will, your own dreams. It’s very simple – as you give (yield) you step in – you empty to receive. You might be wondering if tongues is just a form of giving – tongues is never ‘just’ anything! Tongues is always many things at once but one of the things is a way into the kingdom.

Your tongue can be used by me to REFRESH you – like re-starting a computer. In a few moments you can be rid of clutter, confusion and irrelevant dead-end thought trails and set on a clear path.
Only my power can do this. Others can counterfeit and provide relief but when I refresh you through heavenly commands spoken through tongues my word is final. Unfortunately you can’t order the refreshing but many times even if you don’t ask it will happen – because I love you and want the best for you.
When refreshing does not happen and you have asked then ask me why not – and perhaps I will bring to mind some situation that needs thinking about or sorting first – and this is usually an area where your grace is needed through forgiveness or giving over (for example, your opinion or judgement).
When I refresh you the default settings are my own – love, peace and joy (and other like faith, hope, patience, gentleness, kindliness characteristics above any law).