Lots of things are said at once!

It seems like God would say:

Do you think that anything spoken in tongues means 1 thing? Of course not – it means lots of things at once!
You’d be surprised at how much happens when you pray in tongues!
Some of you will have difficulty believing this.
It’s bigger than having an effect on you, on your family, your friends, all the people you care about, your church, the people you come into contact with, your neighbourhood. It’s as big as adding to an angelic chorus of my breath and my word and my glory shifting things around the universe.
It’s big.
Someone would laugh at the idiocy of it.
Tongues is the foolishness of Your God – the wisdom of the saints and angels – the harmony with the stars.
Be glad it’s big.
Tongues is never a “just this” prayer – it’s never a “we just ask you Father ……….” – it’s never an only this prayer – it always explodes in all directions.
The tiniest prayer in tongues can have effect in the centre of the earth’s core and the farthest reaches of the universe and in every situation in the world. Not a tiny fraction of tongues prayer energy is lost.
What a surprise for some.
Join in with creation – with my heavenly realm – with my kingdom – and laugh at the BIGNESS of my ways – the surprises and delights I have for you.
Tongues is definitely for the timid – hey, the most cowardly and terrified person can disarm a whole army of the opposition with a few words in tongues (if yielded to me / putting themselves in my love).