Situations and lives can be changed

God says:

If you say to me that you want to pray about such and such and you use tongues even for a short while you can be sure that the prayers of my spirit through you will be effective – not necessarily for what you want but the best possible for the person or situation. Your tongues will set many things in motion in the heavenly dimension and, often without your being aware of it, the breaking of bad forces and influences. Tongues is very powerful and opposing forces don’t like it.

Remember I love you and I am above ALL things. Remember this – I am all seeing and all knowing – and I know how best you can be led and encouraged and treasured and brought more into me. This is true too about whole people groups, cities and areas, nations and continents. I do not forget the land, the animals and creatures and plants. This also is in my scope of love. (Stewardship of land and animals was given to Adam – mankind.) Choices are made for good and for evil and many less than good choices are made with good intentions.

I love you and I want the very best for you but we need to co-operate to achieve this. Tongues is a great way to co-operate – to shift things in the heavenly realm by calling into being my word to counteract that which is opposing good. You can truly trample on serpents without realising it. (This is a reference to overcoming forces which lie, steal and destroy). You can truly throw missiles of a higher order than anything man-made and affect whole areas physically, emotionally and spiritually. I love you. I give you prayers in tongues for good purposes – higher than you can dream of. Incidentally they always bless you too and whatever you have on your heart but tongues is always more. [see Matt 14:3]