Tongues has spiritual strength, stronger than physical strength

God says:

When you pray in tongues you are submitting to me and letting me take charge, even of what your prayer is about. As you let go my power takes off….. and the law and rule of heaven supersedes the natural order of the physical. Of course you might not get what you are hoping for as you have let decisions be mine! Please remember my perspective is different from yours as is my timescale. But when you lean on me there is no need for disappointment, for my creativity intertwined through your life can weave all the things you consider negative into the most amazing pattern. It will not be how you expect but it will be better. I want to bring good things to you.
Remember too that my love is far, far, far stronger than any evil. As you even want to submit, my power takes over.
Believe me, trust me and know that the lamb of God has conquered – there is sufficient grace in the cross for all things. You can use this well for all events, all circumstances and never exhaust the grace and blessings. You just don’t realise how powerful that event was. Believe me it does it all. Know my strength, remember my strength and let my strength be imprinted on you and in you. As you submit my power takes off…… 

Some spiritual truths:
It’s only when you are very very very small that I can be big (in you).
It’s only when you are very very very powerless that I can be strong in you.
It’s only when you are lost without me that I can be found in you.
It’s only when you know you are NOTHING without me that I can explode within you.
It’s only when you long for me with all your heart that I can give you your heart’s desire.
It’s only when you are united with everyone around you (all other faiths, people groups and types) that the enemy can’t attack.
It’s only when you know my love for you that you come into being your true self.
It’s only when things seem impossible by other means that I can act instantly.
I love you. I love you. I love you. Carry on singing in tongues!