Tongues as a pattern for developing other spiritual gifts

Comment – Ruth Heflin used to say that tongues is good for teaching us how each of the other gifts operate – spontaneously!

God says:

Yes – as we go ahead with gifts and the different flows of my spirit you get used to moving in my spirit in the different various ways – such as healing, words of understanding – but it is all about your OPENNESS, your yielding. You have to let go of your own ideas, even for a moment. You have to let go of your own expectations and head knowledge – just long enough for my spirit to act maybe by dropping in a thought or feeling or sensation. Sometimes it seems as if my words are right there or the answer or gift or manifestation happens almost before you start and other times you need to wait for quite a while. There is no apparent rule apart from TRUST me.

The gifts and flows of the spirit are not possible in human strength – you need to be open for my prompting and strength. The whole point is that you can’t do these things yourself but when we are one – human and divine as one – all things are possible. (We are not limited to the natural laws but the ways of the spiritual realm can over-ride.)

Comment – what are the other spiritual gifts / gifts of the spirit?