Tongues is always worship

God is saying to you:

Yes – even the shortest word in tongues through my spirit will carry a worship anointing. You may not feel it or think it but it will! Of course if you carry on for a few minutes you will feel it. It’s impossible to carry on in tongues in my spirit and not get to a place of deep worship – where we become one.
If you are wondering what is the value or point of worship and why it is that I am always calling each person to worship me – I tell you that worship and oneness with me will certainly give you the greatest happiness possible – the widest horizon of hope and joy – the best of the best of everything – worship, our uniting – you and me – will be the nicest thing about your life and change everything else in your life for good.
If you are wondering how you can be sure it is my spirit inspiring your tongues and not another spirit – just ask yourself if you want to be submitted to the Most High God and grow into that submission – if your answer is “yes, whatever you want” – then my Holy Spirit hovers over you, as over Mary, and the impossible can become possible.
You have my assurance that it is my spirit in the peace you feel and the warmth of my presence with you. Worship and love unite.