Jesus says:

Let my spirit come alive within you as you give your voice to sing or speak in tongues – or as you give your thoughts to a flow of silent tongues.
Yes I know it may take a few minutes if you are weighed down with earthly matters but my peace and joy will ALWAYS come.
My peace, my gift to you, is a tangible spiritual thing – it is my presence with you.
Expect to feel my peace for as much of your life as you can –it’s my gift to all my followers. When you don’t feel my peace, notice what’s in the back of your mind or when it was that your peace was interrupted and give these concerns to me to deal with. Expect to grow to live in my peace.
The joy you feel is my own joy – this is the joy that feels like the spring of water bubbling up from under your rib-cage.
If you are not feeling peace and joy right now let’s start singing in my spirit ……… just sing along ……..