You build up your faith and resurrect past spiritual good things

God says:

Do you know – when you stir yourself up spiritually by singing or speaking in tongues for a few minutes it’s not just like an athlete or dancer warming up – it’s more than that!
You actually stir up all the spiritual deposits put into you (through yourself and by other people’s prayers), all the promises you have received, all the inspirations and love you have received and all the good news you have taken on board spiritually.
Not only that, you are also stirring up all the spiritual beings and forces in the spiritual vicinity and drawing their spiritual strength around and within the prayer.
Can you see how important this is and how the enemy will try all sorts to distract you from tongues?

The more you speak or sing in tongues the more you will be open to my ways, the more you will know and understand me and the more you will be free to be yourself.