fabrics n flowers plus 08 072You can draw God’s GLORY down

God says:

Yes – I love to visit you in this way. If you carry on in tongues for extended periods you will inevitably draw my glory upon yourself.
Glory is like my seed of love poured out over you – to bless you and encourage you and draw you into my arms. Glory is my rain of holiness coming upon you. You sense my holiness in the atmosphere. You feel my gentleness come within you as my glory wafts in through tiny cracks in your independence.
Brush aside everything. Unlearn and forget everything for a moment – let it all be feeling your way with me. Let me lead – because there is SO MUCH glory to give, to dissipate, and surround people with – nations even. Let my glory be your be all and end all.
Tongues is a way of leading into my glory but my glory is the aim and purpose. To connect people with this is my desire, my longing.
As you drink it in so I can release more. It is about taking more in – it is important to take more of my glory in……….