Tongues builds up your faith and you can go right into the Holy of Holies!

It seems like God would say:

Tongues, when genuinely and sincerely used to communicate with God, always takes you right through the outer and inner courts and into the holy of holies!
Tongues takes you straight into that place with me where our hearts and minds can be as one.
As you rest in this place angelic beings are fanning the spiritual atmosphere to keep the fire of my presence from harming you.
It is important to have angelic protection for many things and this is one of them. It is hard to explain to you how my presence is dangerous – it is not exactly fire, light, heat, energy, glory or lack of air – it is not exactly holiness, it is not exactly otherness – and I want you to come into my presence.
Through being with me in this way you begin to learn about my holiness and when you realise the power and immensity of my holiness then FAITH IN ME becomes sure – it’s not so much faith in a thing happening or not happening as FAITH IN ME. When you know me you are not so much thinking or willing a miracle or healing into being as knowing the power of my immeasurable holiness – KNOWING ME – Jesus.