Grow your own anointing / mantle / well

God says:

In tongues you receive many impartations of my kingdom through the drawing to you and presence of the beings of the spiritual realm. You also call this my presence – and so it is.
As my kingdom is strengthened around you through the drawing in of heavenly beings / forces for love so even a residue is left in the place where you are – even the walls, clothes, furniture, ground under your feet.
You will be very surprised at how vivid this is when you can see it.
Hence some places have ‘wells’, ‘anointings’, ‘blessed objects’, ‘sacred items’ and there are existing ‘mantles’ to be taken up.
But – you can grow your own!
As you sing and dance in the spirit you are like a firework catherine wheel but the spiritual lights and colours are drawn centrally towards you and all that is on your heart (and ever has been on your heart and ever will be on your heart) is collected in a spinning array of my colours and glory.

This is a great way to intercede then?
Yes and some might call it taking ground – it is both a taking and a giving like the catherine wheel flying colours and sparks out and colours and spirals in to the centre.
The taking is of spiritual power and love and the source is Me myself.


(COMMENT: Ruth Heflin in ‘Glory’ (p.173) wrote: If you want to live in the realm of supernatural revelation, pray in tongues a lot. Sing in tongues a lot.  You are feeding the well. You are singing to the well that will bring forth that release of information. You will flow in revelation knowledge. It might not happen right at the moment because you don’t need it right at the moment. When you do get into a situation where you need it, it will be there.’ )