You can learn things and “come alive”

God says:

Sometimes there is something for you to take on board or learn that could be done either by several books, podcasts, thinking and prayer or by a few words in tongues! This isn’t always the case but tongues directed towards me always offers me that potential to impart – whether knowledge, healing, counsel, reassurance, understanding or just plain NEWNESS.

You’ve maybe heard of ‘come alive with Pepsi’ (if you’re over 25) – well this can truly be said of tongues. No-one can pray in tongues for a few minutes and not become more alive and have brought things to birth. BE ENERVATED.

The way tongues bubbles up from within and spills over reminds you of the living waters that I source within you and that will never run dry. And if you do feel dry then go back to the source, pray or sing in tongues and my life will bubble up again.

I tell you again that if you are feeling sad or depressed it will be IMPOSSIBLE not to feel joy if you pray in tongues for perhaps 1hour. Angels cannot help but be drawn to your heavenly speech or singing and the darkness HAS to go.