You can loosen addictions / depression

God says:

Remember only I can loosen addictions and oppressions. You can’t do it with human strength. “Deliver us from evil” is a prayer that is needed and you can pray it through tongues. Whether you are praying in tongues with yourself in mind or another person (and a tongues prayer will ALWAYS cover you both anyway!) it will be effective as a careful loosening or soaking – picture a stained garment soaking in water – and the prayer in tongues will also get to the sources of the problem – which are likely to be well before anyone can remember.

I tell you that if you are feeling sad or depressed it will be impossible not to feel joy if you pray in tongues for perhaps an hour. Angels cannot help but be drawn to your heavenly speech or singing and the darkness has to go. Joining in with others by media or ‘phone or with a friend makes it easier. Remember, one of the opposition’s tactics is to isolate and a trusty friend is a great help. Many more people are willing and happy to pray for you or with you, over time, than you think! If you pray in tongues the angelic realm will certainly be joining in with you or you with them.

You may be thinking – well, why can’t the problem be solved instantly if God is all-powerful? Yes, sometimes deliverance IS instant, the miracle happens or the addiction is gone, but more often there are multiple factors to be re-arranged and release or recovery is ongoing.

You say what about small addictions or compulsions like chocolate, sugar or caffeine? Yes – addiction is more closely related to sadness, anxiety, emptiness or depression than you realise. Come into my presence often to be healed of all addictions. Come more deeply and wholly into my presence and you’ll just find that you are set free of the power of addictions. You may continue in the same or similar behaviour patterns for a while but the addiction is broken, especially as you trust.

So few people take enough of me – I have amazing amounts of love to give you if you will take it……. for yourself and for others.