Releasing your worries and concerns in tongues

God says:

Let your worries, anxieties, hopes and desires and life situations come into your singing or speaking in tongues – As you speak or sing draw your situations, disturbances and problems in like beads on a string.
As you breathe in, breathe them in to present before me, even if you can’t remember what’s bothering you or on your heart. As you breathe out let these concerns drift off outwards for me to deal with.
Many times your concern or disturbance is actually thoughts attacking your mind in a subtle way and to release your concerns to me even with a phrase or word in a tongue is very powerful indeed – have a go!

Tongues is the gentlest form of lullaby to put to rest fears and disquiets. You can sing yourself into a snuggle in my arms in a very short while as you trust and listen to the tongue. You’ll be hearing my love coming to you through the tongue.