God says:

Yes – we create together! Even the shortest word in tongues will be a creative word, by the power of my Spirit. It will create a reality in the spiritual dimension that is permanent and indelible and it may well affect physical realities in a measurable way too.

Do you know how many opportunities are created through a few minutes of tongues? Countless possibilities are detailed and inscribed in the heavenlies. Even if your intention is pure worship and delight in me, (and maybe especially if it is that) together we are creating possibilities, potentials and opportunities not just for you but for many. But there will always be choices. Every human will is intended by me to be free to choose at every moment, and so some things remain as ‘potentials’. If you are praying in tongues about a particular situation then many shifts occur in the unseen dimension – openings and closings of different possibilities and permutations. Also it is as if my light and my presence are scattered over the situation and through it.

As you describe or interpret what the tongue means or you speak prophecy related to a tongue, you will be creating a personal interpretation – it will be in a form of expression that is meaningful to you. Any one interpretation is only part of the picture but perhaps describes best the aspect that the describer identifies with.

You can respond to my spirit and to my presence, in creative ways – in singing, tongues, dance, movement, rhythm or tune on an instrument, action or stillness. You add your creative response to mine. You might act out a vision in mime, paint according to feelings, perform acrobatic feats or write a song or story. But whatever you do with tongues you create!