Do you have to be good or feel holy or in the mood to pray in tongues?

No of course not. A simple split-second abandonment to the Father and Creator of All, the head of the Universe, is all you need.
There is no-one good or holy alongside God. My way into God’s presence I freely share with any who call on My name, Yeshua or Jesus. You can repent and experience the Kingdom of God or you can just start praying in tongues and gradually over a few minutes find a state of peace come to you.

(Receiving the gift of tongues initially usually follows accepting that you are a sinner wanting God’s mercy and accepting that Jesus paid the punishment for you and everyone who wants to be included.)

Once you have received and used your heavenly languages you will always be able to use them whatever mood you are in, whatever you have done, whatever unforgiveness or judgement you are holding.
But all that is negative or not of the Kingdom of heaven can be lifted off you as you speak or sing – isn’t that good news!

How long would you have to carry on in tongues for this to happen?
You can find this out for yourself – but it is certainly the case that most people rarely carry on long enough for this to happen. Yes, there will be opposition to your carrying on, there will be distractions and all manner of good and worthy things that will press in on you – but try carrying on some time until you feel really free in my love.

Can you pray in tongues if you are not yielded to You? Yes certainly—but a person who wants to be yielded to Me will become so after a period of tongues. A person not yielded to Me and defiant will become cross, confused, disappointed after a while—and yet it is still a way for me to help/love them.