You get guidance in life

God says:

Let my spirit guide you through life. As you sing in tongues pointers are set up in the spiritual and in the natural ahead of you on your path of life. As you get used to listening to my rhythms and intonations through your tongues you get used to feeling into me and into my thoughts and desires. If you ask for specific direction and then pray in tongues – wait – for the way will become clear.
Now often this is initially the exact opposite of the way you were hoping or answer you were wanting but through your tongues you will gradually learn to trust me. You will find that frequently the road does soon or eventually bend back the way you wanted to go but around some obstacle that would have blocked you or caused problems. (An example to illustrate this: you want to paint a room and God seems to be saying to wait. Then you suddenly need the money or time for something else and within a short while someone gives you a piece of furniture that alters how you can now use and paint the room in a better way than your first desire.)
Also frequently you will find that when something is stopped or taken away after a while something better or more is added. (An example to illustrate this: a close friend is deciding whether to move away and you really want them to stay but feel through prayer that it is right they go and then within a few weeks you make 2 new friends.) You see, you do not see the bigger picture as I do or the long term as I do.
You learn to feel your way in tongues as you reach in to see what feeling or atmosphere the tongue has, what picture or words come to mind, what quality of love I am pouring in to you. As you get to know my presence and my ways through your tongues you learn to trust more and allow yourself to be led through life in a way that blesses others around you, you yourself and me to the maximum (but it won’t necessarily appear like that if you look only with the natural eyes and mind!).
DO take time to rest in me and don’t make assumptions about what I want or what I would want you to do – that really annoys and upsets me ……. Why did I go through with it all if you just guess what I want and make your own assumptions, plans and programmes, whether for yourself, a family or a church.
Come into me – say “what do you want?” “What’s the right thing to do?” “Who should I speak to?” and so on …….
Don’t say “Ah yes, such and such a famous person says we should…..” “oh well, such and such a famous evangelist says…..” or “our minister wants everyone to…..”
ASK ME. Check it out with me. Have the living water LIVE, FRESH, NOW, REAL. It’s available 24/7 to anyone who desires.
Remember – it is true – you are as close to me at any time as you want to be. Let this truth search you out, find you out and speak to you so that you can turn and call out – or call out more. Let me prop up your life with my tongues in you!