You get keys to unlock mysteries

God says:

It’s not always a good idea to know what’s happening in tongues. Some things would be too shocking or you wouldn’t have enough faith for the prayer in the natural or it might concern or worry you (and any anxiety would allow a toehold for the opposition).
Joy and peace is your greatest protection in this regard and is the thing the opposition cannot stand and will do anything to disturb.
Your armour is joy and peace. And so the keys to unlock mysteries that you receive through tongues may not seem like pieces of information or clues in the natural. They might appear as anything from a clapping to a repeating tune to a particular word or body movement – anything! But if you are listening and feeling spiritually then you might feel the strength of the resulting breakthrough or unlocking.

As an example, that Spanish flamenco type of tongue and dance for a long while earlier today (Feb 2007) seemed to be a kind of lament for things to do with national royalties and a deep sense of loss or something. Yes but this illustrates another feature of tongues—as it is an entrance to the spiritual realm so historical and future situations can be reached easily. Only believe—don’t really think about that one!
If you trust Me with your voice and self and yield to Me in full trust then My angel armies can do all sorts of things!
How was creation started – a hovering and a breath and a word. Do you think that was a word in ‘tongues’? Of course! Do you think any tongues means one thing—no, of course not—it means lots of things at once—and always My love and protection are included—however mundane-sounding the tongue is.
Tongues is definitely for the timid—hey the most cowardly and terrified person can disarm a whole army of the opposition with a few words in tongues (if yielded to Me).
So mostly you won’t ‘know’ in the ordinary sense what you have unlocked or what the key was but you will mostly feel as if something has been achieved or sorted out. You will of course fully know in heaven.
Be content now to know that you can achieve great things through tongues and that it blesses me enormously!