You learn how to come in closer or come up higher

God says:

Come in closer to me to make decisions and feel my desires, to learn to do what the Father does. Remember you are born of my spirit fully if you are born of the spirit at all. Coming in closer is a rest, a trust and a being loved.
‘Come up higher’ requires an effort of opening up, of being really as open as you possibly can – of being ready for anything I might ask or give or provide or need of you – to be absolutely open to anything I might show you or hide from you or tell you or ask you. It’s to be ready for anything to happen. ‘Come up higher’ is the best form of worship you can give me and is difficult for people to sustain (even if very drunk in the holy spirit, in deep contemplative prayer, laughing or crying in the spirit or ‘gone’ in resting). You might be asking whether ‘come up higher’ is what people might call ‘wrecked’ or ‘undone’ and, yes, often it is, although it looks like inaction to an onlooker it carries in it indelible seeds of action that will surely grow and mature in the kingdom.
You might be wondering whether a person could be in this state of high worship without tongues – of course, but it would certainly help to secure it with the angelic chorus help accompanying tongues. Yes, I’m saying angelic help ALWAYS accompanies tongues.