You say things you wouldn’t dare think

God says:

dare-bgYour own faith, knowledge and understanding is rarely enough but if you let me pray through you in tongues things can be effected that you wouldn’t dare to believe or even think. You can just bring a matter before me and go ahead in tongues and the prayer will be custom-designed by me – don’t you think that might be more daring than you would believe?!

I sometimes like you to sing or speak for the forces of darkness to hear my thoughts and my ways in some situation or matter. They shudder. And your innocence of what you are singing or saying makes it all the more terrible. Innocence and God-focused-ness are the stuff of tongues. You can’t speak or sing out in tongues for long with selfishness or self-centredness as my languages and harmonies break into the inner self within a few minutes. (This is why so many people stop tongues after perhaps 2 or 3 minutes as it starts to impact too closely inside / gets too much to handle – let me breathe my forgiveness in for such times).