Lilian sent this letter to this site in 2013. This is Lilian’s experience of using the gift of tongues:

I am so pleased to see this website because I believe praying in tongues is an incredibly 
powerful spiritual tool and an amazingly precious gift from God.
I suffered from irrational fear and anxiety attacks for about 25 years.
My life was a misery. I prayed, sought prayer, had counselling etc but nothing
made a difference. At one Ladies' Alpha course I heard Nicky Gumbel mention
the way Jackie Pullinger taught drug addicts to pray in tongues and it reminded
me of her story and how effective she had found praying in tongues for her
So I decided to pray in tongues for 15 minutes per day as she had done. I 
managed to do this for 2 days and then gave up.  Two years later I heard the
same story again. This time I decided to give it a go with 5 minutes and have
never looked back. After praying this way for about a month or two I found
the fears lessening considerably but also other hang ups I had had from a
very legalistic church upbringing just fading away. I began to love the Lord
more and also other Christians.
I started praying for my husband too (for 2 minutes each day) who was not a very
enthusiastic Christian at that point. After praying for him for this way for about 2
months he announced out of the blue that he wanted to start going to cellgroup
(something he had resisted for years and years). A few months later he was
telling me that his prayer life had become really exciting with lots of answers
to prayer.
In the meantime I found that my quiet times and my walk with the Lord had become
more intimate. I find the Lord speaking to me through his Word more, get ideas for
teaching our young people as I pray in tongues for the youth ministry. I now often
sense God's manifest presence in our services. I find that if there is a difficult
situation or person and I pray in tongues about it for 15 minutes to half an hour
the problems just seem to get resolved without the need for anything else.
One week I had intended to fast but unexpectedly could not. So instead of letting
the week go by I decided to pray in tongues every evening. The first 3 evenings
it was probably a couple of hours, the Thursday I found no time at all and the 
Friday only 10 minutes. On the Saturday we had a healing seminar at church.
During the worship time (and I cannot say that I felt particularly close to the
Lord that morning) suddenly it was as if the lord looked intently into my face
but all I saw in my mind's eye was brightness. I fell over and had deliverance
without anyone praying for me. The same thing happened again twice, and I can
say that I feel fear free now. 
I have found praying in tongues for a period of time every day more valuable
and powerful than I can say; I believe it is a key that unlocks God's heavenly
storehouses. It is however very important to spend time just talking to the Lord
as well, as our walk with him is all about relationship.