Is there a difference between tongues out loud and tongues silently just in your head?

God says:

To you maybe but not to me – it’s the amount of love and spiritual and emotional energy in a prayer or thought that will make more difference. As people sing they become more confident, more touched, more inspired. As people speak out they can hear and feel my thoughts and ways resounding within their being more easily. As people jump or dance they can feel my energy and active delight. Singing does actually bring forth life ……………… (reference to ‘sing o barren woman’ in Isaiah 54: 1 ).

But love is the energy, love is the force. You can be singing in love and longing at one in my Spirit absolutely silently and all heaven will hear.

Or you could be singing out loud “in the spirit” and be as an empty clanging gong doing nothing – without love. (1 Cor 13: 1)
Your intention and desire towards my kingdom matters more than the decibels.