Can you use several different types of languages in tongues?

God says:

Yes definitely! You may mostly use what sounds like one language with maybe a few phrases occasionally in a very different sounding tongue but the possibilities are endless.
The earthly languages you know of can express things in different ways. For example, some languages do have generally more descriptive words to give different shades of meaning and some languages have geographically relevant words such as several words for different types of snow. Well, if you are open to it, your tongues will be in an appropriate language for the situation – to best express what my spirit wishes to express. A person may use what they think of as their ‘heavenly language’ but on occasion through the course of a lifetime use a great number of different ‘languages’ and forms of expression, each to suit the situation.
There are languages that different orders or ranks of the angelic realm of beings relate more specifically to. It could be that your more unusual tongue is addressing a different level of angelic being. In general as you pray and get deeper into oneness, worship and love your tongue can change slightly to carry more passion and incidentally more authority – a wider remit and maybe a wider section of the angelic realm. It certainly could be that even a very new spirit-filled believer might be addressing an archangel or principality or a huge range of angelic beings all at once – but you don’t get to choose! As you submit more and more and are open more and more and yield to me more and more so greater authority in the tongues comes through your humility and willingness to let me choose.

Is tongues languages that have been used or are used by people?
Some are and some aren’t. Some are used by angels and some are used by people but ALL are understood by angels and by me.
You may think you can guess what some currently often used expressions in tongues generally mean but you can only guess part of the meaning with your mind – the greater part of the meaning is very wordless!
For example:

  • ‘ish-i-nay’ can carry the meaning ‘He is King’ but also reverberating ripples of worshipful reverence in the glory realm that carry on through time and space and beyond time and space and are acceded to by angelic worshipping beings
  • ‘sheika!’ exclaims ‘wow – break in with mighty power and authority!’ and also acts as something like a spiritual slicer, breaking spiritual entities into separate parts that can be rearranged or altered
  • ‘mar – har’ is stating ‘He is coming’ but carries the acknowledgement of the holiness of He who is coming, also everything from the awe of His coming as judge to the longing of His coming as completer – also the certainty of this event

There is always more that cannot be said in the earthly realm but is easily understood in heaven. Tongues is heavenly language.