Can you use tongues to overcome evil?

God is saying to you:

Yes yes yes! Sometimes whole armies of angels are fired into action by your tongues. Remember I am sovereign. Remember I created all things. Remember if you stick with me there are more for you than against you. Remember I love you, whatever you have done or not done, whatever the circumstance. Remember the more you lean on me, the more you yield to me, the more I release on your behalf, the more I can protect and defend you. Keep coming to me, keep depending on me, keep calling me and keep trusting me.
Remember my ways are not quite like your ways! Remember my kingdom is not of this world but is eternal and spiritual. Sometimes it does happen that the greatest ‘evil’ in a situation is your own fear, guilt or pride – none of these is necessary as you lean into me and learn of my love for you and my joy I want to share with you!
Powerful tongues overcoming evil might sound assertive but could sound like a gentle whisper or a happy song. The authority comes from me.