Did Jesus pray in tongues in his earthly life?

Holy Spirit says:

Yes yes! When love and gratitude overflow and there are no words to say of the love and gratitude then tongues tumble out. When Jesus in his earthly life connected as a ‘son of the covenant’, when he was 12 years old and went to the temple for Pesach, when he passed over from knowing about God to knowing Him as his own Father – then his love for his Father tumbled out in tongues. If you are asking when exactly this first happened it was early on the way to the temple for the festival. The Father always meets you ‘on the way’, once you have decided to open your heart to Him. His embrace takes you by surprise as it is never quite how you expect.

You may be asking did Jesus share tongues with anyone and the answer is that tongues and love were always shared with the Father in a way that needed no sharing otherwise. If you are asking did anyone know about it, well Jesus’s mother occasionally heard and wondered. There was lots that she didn’t understand but accepted and thought about and trusted. Of course, she later experienced the overflow of tongues and joy at Pentecost. Peter, James and John also heard some tongues but accepted that their ‘Master’ was living on a different level to them, didn’t expect to understand everything. Later tongues as a prayer opener and kingdom entry point came to mean a great deal to each of these.


COMMENT:  This answer which was felt in the Spirit is not scriptural.  It is possible that Jesus frequently went away to a lonely place to pray so that he would not be heard – maybe he was praying in tongues.  Perhaps the ‘loud cry’ that Jesus gave calling Lazarus out of the tomb and when he died himself were loud cries in tongues.  Also we can wonder why Jesus told Jairus and his wife, Peter, James and John not to say what happened in the room when Jesus raised Jairus’s daughter from the dead – perhaps we do not know exactly what happened.   Perhaps some of the other times Jesus told people not to say anything about their healing was because he had spoken in tongues (apart from not wanting their healing to be snatched away by disbelieving voices convincing them they were still as before).  We can also wonder why when God spoke  at Jesus request (John 12:28-30) some heard it as thunder – perhaps it needed to be heard spiritually?