Do you always have to have an interpretation?

Holy Spirit says:

No, of course not. Any prayer in tongues does many things, including communicating directly with Almighty God, worshipping God, being loved by God, carrying an anointing specific to the ‘data’ contained in the tongues, accessing God’s love and grace for the person themselves and all situations and people they are holding within their heart before God, summoning angelic help, uniting with the angelic realm and accessing afresh the new life available through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Also there will ALWAYS be meanings – interpretations of meaning that different people will understand in a way meaningful to them at that time. There will always be more meaning than any one person could comprehend and yet a child could grasp spiritually.

As people hear the same tongues they will receive interpretations in a way suitable and comprehensible to them – each person is treated with love individually – and yet the general meaning is the same for all for that tongue. Some may sense the atmosphere, others see a picture and realise what it means, others hear words in their thoughts, others are reminded of something that has happened to them, others feel empowered, others want to move or dance in mime or action that becomes meaningful to them, others feel greater peace – but always if you reach in will you feel more of God’s love for you and the world.

You don’t need to know what you are speaking or singing unless prompted by me. You can always have SOME idea what it is about and you can always ask if it is good for you to know. Sometimes I love it if you trust me to use your voice or your prayer for something you know nothing about – if you just let me sing or pray in you. I really appreciate that. You wouldn’t believe the things I can do, people I can reach, situations I can turn around and good that can be done if you let me speak or sing or pray in you – silently or out loud (and don’t forget you will always benefit as well!).