Do you have to pray in tongues?
Is tongues better than other ways of praying?

The Holy Spirit says:

No, certainly not. Love, compassion, desire, respect and passion for God are the main things for prayer-power. The intention to be at one with God is paramount.
Many prayers are disguised forms of worrying or attempts at manipulating the universe to one’s own liking. Prayers that are thinly concealed forms of attention-seeking and compulsive, formula prayers are more sad but the Father turns to ALL who pray – you only have to half glimpse towards the Father and he comes running to embrace you spiritually – such is His love for every person.

Well, what other sorts of prayers are good?

It depends on the person – what is ‘them’ and how they approach life and God. Usually it’s best in the same way they approach everything else – be as you are – whatever you feel comfortable with.
If that’s with chatting or silence – fine.
If it’s with a formula or pattern – fine.
But it’s always the love that counts – and always the desire to communicate / connect / be one with God – especially to accede to His power and being.

What does tongues add?

Tongues adds input from the Holy Spirit of God that hastens the uniting of the person with God (as well as affecting the prayer).
The inter-twining happens immediately you start praying / speaking in tongues (whether you feel anything or not).