How do you know what you’re saying?

It seems like God would say:

Remember my kingdom is not of this world – but is bigger!

Remember this new life, which I pour in to all who will receive, is not perceived in the same ways as earthly things – you need to appreciate spiritually, with the heart, with the spirit.

My dear child – as you open to me inwardly and with your heavenly language my love pours in to you and sometimes you feel this as a general feeling of peace, calm and joy, sometimes a word, thought or image may come into your mind sent by me, sometimes you may be inspired to dance, mime an action, paint or draw or sing or shout for joy. As you use your prayer gifts, which I freely give, you will find it gets easier.

If you see a picture, however faint and half-glimpsed as in a dream, however quick, reach in to me and FEEL to see what the meaning is – the experience of sensing the meaning is a bit like a photo image coming into focus or 2 images on a computer linking together – you may feel a ‘click’ or a jumping together, a rightness of the meaning fitting with the picture. But you can usually reach in more and get more meaning, more encouragement.

If you are hearing a word or thought try speaking it out, to yourself or as appropriate. See if more follows spontaneously. Or you can think the word and see if a thought follows or you see a picture that adds to the word. There is a rightness about my words and pictures and a peace about my presence!

Don’t take any notice of negative thoughts – my words, thoughts and communications to you are always to build you up, encourage and sustain you. I am pure love – any pain I reveal carries with it the compassion and the cure, any rebuke carries with it the solution and the sure hope of resolution. You will usually be able to feel who your word or picture is for or about, whether you, someone else or a larger situation.

Now all this can happen without you speaking a word in tongues – but frequently you have already unlocked spiritual things with your tongues.

Much of the time you don’t need to know what you’re saying – just enjoy uniting with the heavenly singing, worship, delight and love that is going on and come further and further into my kingdom!