How do you pray in tongues?

Jesus says:

When you let me carry you (spiritually), when you come before Almighty God like a little child, when you realise that no amount of your own human striving will cover you with the holiness required by The Most High God, when you understand that I shed blood to release you and set you free from the curse of sin, when you intend to let me cover your whole life with my grace, when you give your life to me – then the flow of living water rises up within your spirit and the unspeakable joy and praise can find no words in an ordinary language to say how good it all is – how very, very good!

In simple terms, tongues is not something you can learn. The Holy Spirit’s gift of a heavenly prayer language is for all who want it and who accept me, Jesus, as their lord. If you are reluctant to sound silly even in private then you will find it hard to receive or unpack this prayer gift. If you are not used to hearing people pray in this way then you will have less expectation that I intend it for you – but I do intend it for you. This prayer form enriches people’s lives to the extent they let me in.

Ask and you will surely receive – if not immediately then keep asking and anticipating. It will only happen with your permission and when you are willing. I want to pray in you and become more and more real to you.

Comment: let Isaiah 9 verses 6 and 7 become dynamically real in your own life through tongues prayer, especially “of the increase of his rule and peace there will be no end”.

2 effective ways to start praying in tongues if you want to:
sing one of the Psalms you like to a tune you make up as you go along until you just start praising in tongues or join in with a section of tongues, just making sounds at first and thinking about God’s love.