How do you use tongues to bring God’s kingdom on earth?

Holy Spirit says:

Any time you pray in tongues you will be doing that – you will be calling the heavenly kingdom into the earthly realm. Even if you think you are worshipping or resting in God as you speak or sing amazing things are happening in the heavenlies as a result of your tongues. Your tongues set angels into action ministering all kinds of circumstances and changes in people’s lives around the world – you would just be amazed. I use your open-ness to speak creative words into lives and channel my love and support into the darkest situations. And you remain hidden in me! Yes – you are safe! Your tongues might be powering a great victory over evil in the heavenly realm whilst you stay safe, hidden and probably quite unaware of it all.

Remember I love being united with you in tongues, co-operating with you in tongues and spreading the kingdom of light and peace and joy and all good things. How true ‘sing o barren…’ is! How true ‘enlarge your tents…’ is. (reference to Isaiah 54) Your singing creates space in the spiritual realm for my kingdom to grow, overcoming darkness. Even as you praise can I pour out spiritual new life on people, usually in a different part of the world. And yes! You will get to meet these people in heaven! You will know instantly which people you have united with in prayer.

Yes, you may be called to spread my kingdom by earthly means but there are spiritual means too! Sing and shout for joy at the ‘living waters’ being poured out every time you speak or sing in tongues!