How does playing an instrument in the spirit or dancing in the spirit relate to tongues?

God says:

It’s the open-ness to my spirit that counts – the giving in to the flow.

  1. you need to be born of the spirit
  2. you need to be open to my spirit to the extent of surrender
  3. you need to care more about what I think than what others think
  4. you need to accept the flow of my spirit through you

(This is just an example of being like John 5:30)

Tongues is yielding your voice to my spirit. You can yield your playing an instrument, your body in dance or movement, your thoughts in vision or prophecy, your whole self in silent prayer, your life in kindnesses for others, your money to bless.
Any of your yielding / giving of yourself is so precious to me.
I thank you and bless you as you reach out and try to yield to me.

You say okay you can accept that words in tongues could be giving orders to the angelic realm for example but what could playing an instrument in the spirit be doing?
You have NO idea what sound or movement yielded to me can do! I can create and destroy. Think of the trumpets at Jericho.(Joshua Chapter 6)

And don’t forget that I can do a LOT with a very small offering – like with the loaves and fishes. (Mark 6:35-44)
A few seconds even of playing on an instrument through you by my spirit could create big big waves of peace and angelic activity. A short dance in my spirit could be trampling on injustice or extending my kingdom somewhere in the world. You just have no idea HOW POWERFULLY I create through your yielded-ness and open-ness.
Things that look or sound very trivial to the natural senses can be mega-powerful in the spiritual realm. Remember to look and feel with the spirit firstly.