In what ways are angels involved in tongues?

God says:

Any word in tongues gets noticed and responded to by angels. There’s always a connection that occurs with tongues – but as it is a spiritual connection it is not necessarily to do with physical location. It is not as if when you pray in tongues a ‘traditional’ angel pops up (as with a genie and a lamp in legends) but there is a connection made to the angelic realm – it is not called ‘tongues of angels’ for nothing!

You might be connecting to a range of angelic beings, to one of my principalities or powers or dominions or to a few specific angelic beings. My heavenly beings are vast in number, operation, application, strength and their skills and abilities go way beyond human imagining but all of my angelic beings carry worship and love.

Angels ingest tongues as a source of strength – it’s like manna to them. Both people and angels derive strength and abilities through tongues – this is not time-related to when you sing or speak but ‘ripples’ of the song carry on in eternity. When you sing with the angels, as all tongues is, you can be sure you are ‘seated in heavenly places’, whether you feel it or not. What a shame to miss the benefits of that and to continue to view life from an earthly perspective! All is accomplished. Pray from that vantage point and accelerate the out-working of it all. Demons (angels of the opposition) have to go when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that final victory was secured at the cross. Live in the anointing of knowing that and be free to speak it out, to speak out salvation to anyone who will listen.

Tongues is always lots and lots of things going on at once – you see how big the sky is – at least that much! You will be calling and directing angels, providing strength and power for the mission that the tongues is about as angels start ministering to people and situations, watering your own soul and other people’s, including all the people you have in your heart, blessing me, overcoming darkness and the effects of sin and lots and lots more besides!

Let’s take an example: a quick prayer in tongues for a friend on the ‘phone seemed to the speaker to appear as a fast, strong zigzag and they understood that it was like a force for making light of the problems or awkward situations that the friend was going to encounter in the next few days – rather in the way that an industrial sewing machine can zigzag over bulky layers of fabric that isn’t flat. The tongues called into being an actual entity – which could be called a ‘blessing’ by believers, a ‘spell’ by the opposition, a tangible force by a scientist who had the equipment to detect it (not yet invented). This actual spirit being had the power and authority to do this job of altering certain circumstances in the friend’s life and affecting the friend’s perception of situations, putting peace in place. Don’t you think this is marvellous. Do you see how far rationality has stolen the impossible from your culture?

What are the best ways of learning that anything’s possible?

Praying and believing; re-living Jesus’s earthly life through meditation; considering creation and all the natural world; coming into me any way you can – tongues, resting in my spirit, silent contemplation, receiving my peace, worshipping with others – however you can.