What about corporate tongues? Is it different when a group or church pray in tongues together?

God says:

Tongues is ALWAYS corporate to me.
Even if you think you are singing or speaking on your own – I assure you you are not! There will be heavenly or angelic beings joining in with you. Whether they are ‘physically’ present with you or not is immaterial in the spiritual realm. I assure you there will be joinings, responses and connections in the heavenly realm the second you start – often just before you start. Sometimes your cry is conducting and orchestrating many, many voices. You are never alone and yet your words or singing are uniquely heard, understood, remembered and acknowledged by me – as from you. Each prayer is uniquely precious and valued by me.

2 things you might like to try out:

  • Next time you are involved in group tongues see if the encouragement of other (physical) voices makes your own prayer grow stronger or develop or both
  • Next time you are on your own praying or singing in tongues see if you can spiritually hear, see or feel those waves of angelic voices joining in with you (or carrying on afterwards)