What about shakings and lockings?

God says:

Shaking is one of My ways of bringing life – another is breathing upon.
I shake the tongue to speak, to sing, to proclaim. I shake the body to bring about action and, yes, it is relevant which bit is shaking / moving.
Rapid eye movements are necessary in sleep and rapid movements like shakings occur in revival as things are brought to life, revived. My Spirit hovers, and where people are open and willing to carry My life / exchange their life for My life or unite theirs with Mine a shaking can occur (but it may manifest as a wind or breath or rain or dew).

What about when people are frozen in place and can’t move or speak?
This is similar but is a locking in place of something for a location or region.

I heard of an instance in ’98 when Ruth Heflin was ‘frozen’ in a meeting and a passer-by drove back next day to see what had happened to the building that was ‘on fire’ as he saw it.
Yes, great shifts occur in the heavenlies with ‘lockings’ and these spiritual things you will see one day (presumably after ‘death’ or with very special spiritual sight). Yes – you needn’t feel inadequate for not seeing these things now – if you are not the part of the body (of Christ) that sees or hears on a particular occasion – but it is open to all who know Me or desire to know Me to be able to sense or discern whether or not a particular occurrence is of Me or not.

So to go back to the shakings – is it associated with deliverance (from evil)? Look at Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones – that shaking brought life – was a confrontation of death and life. It’s always a confrontation whether you call it action against inaction, release against retention, reception against withstanding, life against death, good against the less good, the best against the good, good against bad. If you are worrying about what people think (when you are shaking) more than what I think or want …………………. But you can always stop the shaking or the tongue or any sign.
How precious to me are people who just receive however – children can do this most easily.