What about strange types of tongues?

There are strange types of tongues that resonate with My beings. In the heavenly realm there are so many types of beings. When you see the variety on earth did you really think that there would be just the angels that are commonly seen? No—there are myriads of heavenly beings all worshipping and a part of My compassion. Take the ‘living beings’ for example : direction and authority emanate from their being and you too can from time to time utter or move on their behalf to effect change. In the Spirit all things are possible.

My heavenly beings have eyes and senses you have not dreamed of. It is true that horror movies and ‘war games’ have anticipated some of these potentials in a way for evil and yet people do not assume it possible or interesting or likely to use such abilities for blessing and good in a positive way. (Remember horrible things are counterfeits or distortions of what is mine.)

Can You give an example?

Imagine something like a large semi-invisible gently flying octopus that can swirl
Different flavours of optimism and joy from each tentacle.

Now as you draw in to Me and My presence some of these skills and abilities can be released into your spirit and this is done chiefly through tongues and the movements, sighs, noises arising from tongues. I love you, My people, and I want to share heaven and heavenly things with you even on earth.
Do you know, My will brings such happiness to you.