This is a conversation between the Holy Spirit and someone who had never heard of this and wasn’t at all sure about it………………

God says: Do you know what ‘wild tongues’ are?


They are when a person is willing to be really crazy for me and dance / move / shout / scream / cry / ‘holler’ / wave about / writhe / go crazy and wild and use strange sounds that are not even sounding like a language.

What does this do?
You wouldn’t believe what this does. It releases wild bombs of ME like a machine gun – you don’t even have to think about who / where / what / why / when / how. It’s precision accuracy to multi-targets and to large projects and areas. The crazier it seems to you – the more abandoned – the more is it pinpointed with incredible accuracy by me.

Why don’t we do this?
To people it looks like self-indulgent showing off or genuinely mad raving that needs to be stopped as it is offensive to the rational mind.

Did Jesus do this on earth?
Yes in quiet, remote places.

Were the groans / sighs we know about connected to this?
Yes – they were abbreviated versions of other sessions.

How do you let go that much?
Practise. Try it and see.

But you’d have to be in a soundproof type of place and wouldn’t it drive you crazy?
No. (laughing)

Could you do it silently?

What’s the point of it?
Just try and see some time. It’s just taking tongues one step further and being even more submitted and available.

Would it look a bit like deliverances but be on behalf of others?
No – it would not be like that but it would achieve as much cut-through / breakthrough / kingdom sorting.

Would you need an anointing to do this?
No – you can go from cold and your openness and willingness to cooperate with angelic ministries will be greatly welcomed and encouraged.

What will it look like?
To you, not much! But from a heavenly perspective lights will be flashing.

I really admire Patricia King for carrying out your request that she pray violently in tongues for 1 hour each day without having any feeling or emotion about it (and this went on for nearly 1 year).
Yes – I was delighted.

Is wild tongues a bit like that or related to that?
Yes in a way – it could be seen as on a spectrum.

So groaning would be related to that spectrum.
Yes and the silent yelps and screams and roars as well as those out loud.

You don’t need an intention for these do you?
No – you can have one but if you let me choose that’s good because it can go without limits put on it by you.

Something for you to try:
If you have a suitable place and time try wild tongues! Just let my Spirit come and use you to change the world. Through your chaotic cry and wild action I can effect peace and heavenly order.