What if I don’t believe in God?

God says:

That’s no problem to me because I believe in you.

I have loved you from the moment you were conceived and I will always love more than you could ever imagine.

I’m just waiting for you to inwardly turn towards me or inwardly call out for me. I will answer in a way you can understand that I am for you and have plans for your life that are good.

I am not wishing to boss you around but to give you freedom from the things that hold you down. My rule is love and my desire for your life is to protect you from evil and give you great joy and inner peace.

You’re wondering how I can know everything about each and every person – remember I am all powerful – the highest power – beyond time and space. You’re wondering why I should care about you – it’s because I love you – I really really love you. Ask for a sign if you like!

Don’t think I’m talking about someone else – I mean you.