What if I don’t feel anything when I pray in tongues?

God says:

That’s fine because I do. I feel more than enough for both of us!
My love overflows for you as you reach out towards me in the unknown. My love is settling more deeply within your life as you use tongues, even for a short time. Do you know of anyone who prays several minutes a day in their heavenly language and is not happy and blessed?
Yes it is quite usual to be able to carry on thinking about anything whilst speaking or singing in tongues, quite normal to be able to stop and start at will, to be able to carry on with your jobs. Surprisingly to you maybe, this doesn’t alter the effectiveness of the prayers in tongues. But as you continue you inevitably will be drawn in to feel my love and my peace and my warmth settling around and within you – you will start to sense in the spiritual as well as the natural realm and you will begin to know me more.
Now if you want to see, hear and feel more when praying in tongues:

  • Remember to look, listen and feel spiritually / inwardly
  • It’s easier if you are praying alongside a friend you trust or group of people you feel comfortable with – both because of the additional ‘prayer-power’ and the chance to share impressions
  • It’s easier if you write down or discuss what you think you are seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling or thinking of – so that you can take time to consider
  • It’s easier if you ask me for wisdom and revelation and be open to it not being how you expect