What if I only have a few words in tongues?

God says:

That’s fine! Perhaps your few words say more than a whole library full of books. Your words are spiritual words and will carry anointings of me. Treasure each of your few words. Even one of them could be the key to sending a whole new galaxy into the universe. Your one phrase might be instructing a whole legion of angels worldwide. One of your words might be bringing resolution to conflict situations in your area and around the world. One word or phrase of your tongues could be giving the very highest praise – something like ‘holy, holy, holy’ and ushering in my reign.
Don’t despise the day of small beginnings but also don’t despise the day of small endings – because they may be great and magnificent from heaven’s perspective. This is the thing with tongues – I choose, not you. Carry on. Carry on. I encourage you to carry on and try to feel the anointing of my presence in your few words. But if you are bored or not happy with the words or tunes you have, please tell me – I love you to open your heart to me about anything.