What is the breath of heaven?

God says:

My breathing on you is a real thing. You have to let yourself be breathed on spiritually. It mostly happens when you’ve been or are praying in tongues (silently or out loud) and it happens in ‘soaking’ prayer. You may notice a powerful silence – well that contains my breathing. You may know it more in ‘resting in the spirit’ or feeling ‘undone’.
It’s a being changed and charged with life. Think of the moments of resurrection – all that energy charging silently and unnoticed at first around the body as my breath gives life! It’s like this for you too – if only you could see what out of this world things happen when people ‘rest in the spirit’ and accept me.
Yes you may have heard of cases of people resting in the spirit and thinking that someone, an angel or Jesus was actually lying on top of them (like Elisha on the boy) and that was me breathing into them. Many people need this kind of spiritual resuscitation – mouth to mouth, heart to heart, mind to mind – or physically, organ to organ.
But there’s never just one way of doing things in my kingdom – there’s always lots of ways – sometimes as many ways as there are people or situations. You can learn how to let me breathe on you by practising – you make room for my presence and you just receive like a child. Drinking in my spirit, drinking in the new spiritual wine is different but this can help some people to be in a state to receive the breath of my presence.

Here is another way of understanding what the breath of heaven is by picturing an eagle motionless and watching. You see the concentration of the eagle, all senses alert, ready to fly or swoop or defend its young. You see that total togetherness – that’s how I am. That’s how I see you and know you. You wouldn’t hear that eagle breathing or see that eagle breathing but a tiny mite would be blown or sucked by the eagle’s breath. So my breath is a whisper. Heaven is full of such intermingled tiny whispers – attend – listen – feel. Look the eyes of my living creatures are all over, flashing in all directions and their breath is like flashing swords or knives slithering apart worlds. My saints breathe peace and with it my endurance and calm like pillars of steel. My nostrils send out flames – terrible flames – but these flames are still, like lapping water. You can be burnished in these flames – or cooled. My breath can cause anything I want – cities to be razed to the ground or life/creation to come. Anything. Receive my breath in a special way but be still like that eagle within yourself to inhale me so deeply that you exhale me on all around you – even on the whole world.