Why do You have tongues and what is it?

It seems like God would say:

My dear children can be ‘caught up’ in tongues in a way that they could not be with ordinary language. Yes, you can still be thinking in you own tongue or in your own pictures whilst speaking in tongues but you could not be spiritually ‘wrapped up’ and bound in My love without the directions of the tongue. Tongues sends out directions and instructions to the angelic realm, which is much larger than you would ever in your wildest dreams imagine. Many beings respond to even the shortest word in tongues – you would just not believe it! And My presence through these angelic beings is summoned. My dear children are ‘wrapped up’ in My love like newborn babies in soft blankets. Yes, of course you might not feel this – you mostly don’t feel anything but I tell you that your entry via tongues into my spiritual realm is applauded by angels!

There are many ways to communicate and co-operate with me but the effectiveness of tongues is my foolishness – you don’t have to be clever, learned or important by worldly standards, just yielded to receive from me and to give good and perfect prayers through your ‘tongues’.