Why does tongues often sound like a lament / sad?

God says:

Yes – the sadnesses and unfulfilled dreams and potentials of many people and many circumstances come past the light of my mercy and grace this way. Without realising it you may be lifting up and lamenting a culture, a region or a series of events already set unavoidably in motion. The tongues alleviates and brings grace even when there appears to be no hope.

Remember my love and compassion crosses all barriers except human will. Nothing exposed to me in prayer, no cry of the heart to me is ever lost – everything is remembered. My spirit can be crying out through you a prayer that someone from another age or time had in their heart and never released. This blesses them and me. You don’t need to know the extent of their pain to do this but you can feel something of the extent of my compassion if you want to.

If you knew what you were praying you would not have faith for it –
to give an example – with tongues you could be praying an outrageously daring prayer for an entire continent and at the same time minutely specific prayers for key people within that region. This prayer in tongues could change history quite dramatically and alter many lives, whilst you might simply feel refreshed and closer to me.