Why don’t people use tongues?

God says:

Tongues doesn’t sound appealing to the human ear in general and people mostly forget to FEEL the value rather than listen to the value – it’s such a different appreciation of the situation. If people are encouraged to use and develop their spiritual senses as they are their 5 physical senses they begin to value prayer, tongues and my peace. Tongues does sound silly to the human ear and the human mind likes to think it could understand if not all things then at least most things! Of course it’s very hard for a clever, important or learned person to be speaking what sounds like nonsense, especially as the revelation does not connect with the language in the same way as meaning generally connects to language. Apart from Saul/Paul you are unlikely to have heard of those who have developed their gift of tongues – people who have not been in history books but have altered the course of human history – my kings and princesses – my royalty. Why wait for heaven when you can begin to appreciate my ways, my love and my dynamism now! As your longing for me grows as you pray in tongues so I am able to shower others with my anointings and blessings (as well as you yourself and all who are in your heart).
In my kingdom tongues is like manure! Who would think looking at manure or even smelling it that it would do so much good to the ground!