Incidents involving ‘heavenly’ / unknown languages

Charlie Robinson lived in an apartment in a Canadian city with his wife.  For a few weeks he obeyed the inner voice of the Holy Spirit to just go and pray in tongues every evening facing a particular wall in their flat. He didn’t understand what he was saying but trusted God. Then the lady in the next-door apartment asked them round for a meal.  Charlie expected that she would be finding a polite way to complain about his noise. The lady’s teenage daughter told them that she had been about to take her own life those weeks ago when she heard the strange sounds coming through the wall.  She didn’t know what attracted her to the sounds but gradually her depression had lifted as she looked forward to listening each evening. She wanted to thank Charlie for saving her life.

When Jackie Pullinger went to Hong Kong in the 1960s and seemed to be having little impact in her ministry  she was advised to pray in tongues for 15 minutes a day. She didn’t want to but obeyed and after about 6 weeks noticed with suprise that something different was happening – when she spoke to people about Jesus they believed her.  After this many heroin addicts within the old WalledCity came off heroin painlessly when they themselves spoke in tongues.  (See ‘Chasing the Dragon’  by Jackie Pullinger)

Melanie felt a strong desire to sit and praise God in tongues one Sunday afternoon.  She carried on for well over an hour.  A bit later her 20 year old daughter phoned to say she’d been in an accident.  She’d been a passenger in a car with her 3 friends returning from a weekend away in another city when their car had been bumped by another car whilst on the motorway travelling at 70mph.  Their car had swerved side to side across the 3 busy lanes in between other cars and ended up facing the wrong way in the fast lane and unrepairable. When the Police arrived they said they were expecting no survivors but all 4 girls were unharmed and safe. A lady had stopped to help them cross to safety and stayed with them until they were cared for.

Robby Dawkins, although his parents were pastors, at 20 years old didn’t realise that God speaks to people directly until a lady from his church told him something about himself that he knew must have been from God. When he asked how she knew she said she’d been praying in tongues and felt God giving this particular knowledge.  Robby now sees many miracles and power encounters in Vineyard Aurora and around the world.

There are several examples in the listed books of people suddenly or urgently praying in tongues and then later finding that some crisis had been averted at that time.  2 incidents where Brother Boley was facing certain death in the African bush and in a boat on a coral reef  appear to have averted by 2 individual women having been woken during the night to pray in tongues for a couple of hours (told to Kenneth Hagin).  A farmer and his wife in America felt the need to pray in tongues for some hours for their daughter Blanche in Africa.  Weeks later they heard that she had recovered from a deadly fever at that time.  Ruth Heflin’s mother felt the need to pray in the Spirit and fast for 3 days whilst Ruth was in Bhutan.  Later she found out that Ruth had been strangely asleep for all those days, presumed poisoned.  Maybe when the angel released Peter from prison and from certain death by Herod the following day, this was due to the fact that “constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church” (Acts 12:5) and much of this in tongues.

Dr Bill Hamon tells of a missing 11 year old girl with autism-related problems who had wandered into the swamps near Orlando being found by a former military man who had been praying in tongues to be guided to find her.